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R.I.P. Phil Ramone

on March 30, 2013, 2:40pm

phil ramone

According to Billboard, Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Phil Ramone died Saturday. He was 72.

A native of South Africa, Ramone worked with countless heavyweights over his 50 year career, including Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks), Paul McCartney (Ram), Frank Sinatra (Duets), and Paul Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years) — the latter of which earned him a Grammy for Album of the Year in 1975. Another record credited to Ramone? Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of “Happy Birthday to You”.

Ramone was also an early innovator of the compact disc and in 1982, his company A&R Recording made Billy Joel’s 52nd Street the world’s first commercially marketed compact disc.

Ramone won a total of 14 Grammy Awards and also received a Technical Grammy for his lifetime of innovative contributions to the industry.

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