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Watch a girl’s psychic impressions in The Daredevil Christopher Wright’s video for “I & Thou”

on March 25, 2013, 1:45pm

daredevil christopher vid

“I am looking for the thing in itself,” sing Jon and Jason Sunde of The Daredevil Christopher Wright on the standout track “I & Thou” off last year’s The Nature of Things. Anyone versed in parapsychology knows there’s a neat little trick that allows an individual to do just that – to see the thing within the thing itself. In the song’s video, a young girl discovers the skill for herself.

Psychometry (or clairsentience to Heroes fans) is the ability to gain a psychic impression about the history of an object through touch. As the lip-pierced girl wanders through Toronto’s Contemporary Zoological Conservatory, she taps into this power when she comes in contact with a few of the taxidermy-ed residents there. She gleans a bit of the animals’ lives, as depicted with the help of artist Ryan Livingstone, whose work (like “The Neon Nest”) is also featured in the clip. But what happens when she turns her new power on herself? Find out by clicking play below.

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