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Deap Vally – Get Deap! EP

on April 10, 2013, 12:00am

L.A.’s Deap Vally have amassed a growing cult following on the back of their reportedly ferocious live performances and a couple of rough-edged singles. In a field where stomping guitar and drums blues-rock duos continue to spring up like weeds, Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards offer a wild-eyed, intense precision. Their new EP, Get Deap!, comes from a world in which The White Stripes’ prime had never ended.

“Lies” opens the four-track EP on an aggressive foot, a meticulously chugging guitar riff and thumped beat baring some serious teeth. It might just be the context, but the harmonized falsetto chorus at times smacks of a crawling, menacing take on “Fell In Love With A Girl”. Later, “Gonna Make My Own Money” gives Troy the opportunity to stretch her vocal chords, quavering wordless solos alternating with shredded growls of independence.

While no slouch himself, Jack White’s arguably known for his riffs over his lyrics; true to that form, Troy includes some eyebrow-raisers on Get Deap!  ”Come on take a breath now / there’s too much name callin’/ tears are fallin’,” she begs on “End of the World”, an indignant screed against everything from war to “head achin'”. The delivery is dramatic and fun, but the platitudes distract from Edwards’ shambling groove. The fierce guitars and visceral vocals on this EP are more than enough to build on that cult following, but more personal, focused lyrics could propel Deap Vally over the top.

Essential Tracks: “Lies”

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