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Arcade Fire’s Will Butler to score indie short film Home Burial

on April 25, 2013, 10:05am

willbutler600 Arcade Fires Will Butler to score indie short film Home Burial

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler has two projects on the docket: his band’s fourth studio album and now a film score. As HitFix reports, the multi-instrumentalist is attached to Home Burial, director Jeff Newburg’s short film that’s based on the Robert Frost poem of the same name.

The poem involves an emotional argument between a husband and a wife, which will be adapted for the silver screen through ”a blend of impressionistic exteriors and grounded interiors, modestly accenting an earnest period film,” according to the project’s official site.

“The music for the short film will hopefully evoke Robert Frost–formal but conversational; embedded in the early 20th century but still relevant,” Butler writes. “Darker than you might expect. Bartok meets John Carpenter.”

Currently, Newburg’s looking to raise $10,000 for the project on Indiegogo. These funds won’t go towards the talent involved, however, but to cover fees, insurance, props and costumes, etc. Those willing to shell out some dough could get some suh-weet entitlements, from a “thank you” in the film’s credits to an Executive Producer title.

For inspiration, check out the project’s trailer below.


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