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Boards of Canada hint at album title in latest cryptic clue

on April 26, 2013, 3:11pm

boards of canada

Since last Saturday, Boards of Canada have had us glued to the edge of our computer chairs, refreshing YouTube pages and scouring record stores in search of numbers to fill a mysterious 36-digit sequence (—— / —— / —— / —— / —— / ——). Already fans have uncovered four sets of numbers via a hidden vinyl released for Record Store Day, a random video found on the band’s YouTube account, and two clips aired by BBC Radio and NPR radio.

Now, as FACT points out, it seems as if Boards of Canada’s Twoism fan forum has found another clue (quick, somebody get our Handy Dandy Notebook!). Earlier this morning, a banner appeared on the forum, incorporating a cryptic pattern similar to one in a recently discovered video. The band confirmed the clue’s veracity by updating its top YouTube videos to three Twoism songs

Revealed within the code of the banner were links to two new audio snippets, which when merged together revealed a new set of numbers: 628315. An accompanying image confirmed the placement of the number within the sequence, leading and thus, four of the six slots have now been filed (“—– / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / —— / 519225”). A fifth set of numbers “699742” has not been placed because its position has yet to be divulged.

Even more interesting is what fans found when they put the banner code into a text editor:

RIFFX WAVEfmt bextZ RPP:/Volumes/graphics/Boc Graphics/Record Sleeves/Cosecha Teaser/TH Cosecha Numbers Station Trail/Cosecha Clue 2 for fans/Cosecha Clue 2 for fans.RPP REAPER lumes/graphics/Boc Graphi 2013-04-2522-10-33 junkJ data `#Y

Could “Cosecha” be the title of a new Boards of Canada album? That’s what some fans are speculating, though others on the Boards of Canada Wiki believe it may be the name of the “numbers project”.

Take a listen to the first audio hint below, and head to Boards of Canada Wiki for links to the other four clips.