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Listen to Mark Mulcahy’s comeback single, “She Makes the World Turn Backwards”

on April 08, 2013, 3:00pm

mark mulcahy 600 Listen to Mark Mulcahys comeback single, She Makes the World Turn Backwards

Singer-songwriter Mark Mulcahy (Polaris, Miracle Legion) casts aside his shell with a new single off his first solo album in eight years. Titled Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You, his fifth studio effort and follow up to 2005’s In Pursuit of Your Happiness hits stores June 18th.

Of the album, Mulcahy told Rolling Stone, “I thought, I want to put out a record that’s more like what I’m thinking about now or what I’m doing now, or who I am now, or something along those lines.”

Our first slice comes with the acoustic swing of “She Makes the World Turn in Backwards”, which finds Mulcahy yelping, “Where does it hurt? / Everywhere / Can you stand up? / I don’t care.”

“I remember writing it after speaking to a friend of mine, and him telling me about his life,” he explained to the publication. “Usually, I write songs kind of about me, or me inserting myself into somebody else’s life. Most of these are not that. I wanted to write outside of myself. I felt like if I write my own thoughts, they’ll be grim, so I was happy to just imagine things.

Use your imagination below.

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