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Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich discuss Radiohead, EDM culture, and social media

on April 23, 2013, 5:47pm

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In news for everyone but our News Editor Chris Coplan, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich recently sat down with Rolling Stone and gave some rather entertaining answers on the state of Radiohead, EDM culture, this year’s Academy Award recipient for Best Picture, Bruno Mars, and social media.

In regards to Radiohead, Yorke admitted that it could be some time before the band returns to the studio to follow up The King of Limbs. “We said a year, but I’m sure it’ll probably be slightly longer than that, ’cause I am actually going to have to have a break. For three days. [Laughs.] I really haven’t got a clue, which I quite like. We didn’t, like, say, “Fuck you, I’ll see you whenever.” But it was quite exciting to actually finally decide to take a proper, proper break. We’d never really done that, not by choice.”

Yorke did reveal that he has been writing new music, however, he’s his own worst critic: “What am I doing? I don’t know, really. More electronic crap.”

Both Yorke and Godrich also spoke extensively about the state of EDM. “90 percent of that whole culture, I don’t get on with,” Yorke said in regards to DJs. Meanwhile, Godrich compared electronic music to fashion, noting “You have this sort of avant-garde end of it… but what you end up with in the mainstream is horrible – this distillation of the DJ thing.”

Electronic artists they are fans of? Flying Lotus (of course), The Gaslamp KillerDaphni (AKA Caribou’s Dan Snaith), and Actress, the latter of who is Yorke’s “current obsession”.

Who and what they aren’t fans of? For one, Chris Coplan. Yorke thought Argo was “all right… Better things than that”, and he apparently hasn’t heard of Bruno Mars — or, as he puts it, “Who the fuck is Bruno Mars?”. (For context: Bruno Mars topped Atoms For Peace on the Billboard Top 200. Yorke blames discount pricing).

Lastly, Yorke revealed he’s isn’t really a fan of social media, but did recently start a Tumblr with Radiohead artist Stanley Doonwood called “What Have You Done to My Face,” (it’s a quote from The Simpsons, so there’s at least one more thing Yorke does like.)