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Watch the video for Port St. Willow’s 25 minute suite, “Soft Light Rush”

on April 23, 2013, 12:00pm

port st willow vid

After garnering praise from the incomparable Brian Eno, Port St. Willow’s 2012 debut Holiday received a much deserved re-release from Downtown Recordings. Not wanting to bore old fans with a simple rehashing of the album, Nicholas Principe, the man behind the band, recorded a sweeping 25-minute suite to tag off the record.

“’Soft Light Rush’ felt somewhat as though it were a process of building different rooms in the same house which I could go spend time in and keep myself sane,” Principe says in a press release. “Where Holiday plays as an awakening, ‘Soft Light Rush’ is an acknowledgment of change, transition and the wading through these things together.”

For the four-part suite’s video, director Hana Tajima tapped into that idea of wading through change. For the majority of the clip’s length, nothing feels quite in focus as images shift from kaleidoscopic billows of smoke to a snowy highway drive with a wooded island in the distance. With bleared home-video clips running underneath and images drifting by as if seen from a passenger-side window, there’s the hint of forward motion, but none of it’s easily discernible until the third and fourth acts.

So if you’ve got 25 minutes to take a psychedelic road-trip with Port St. Willow, click play below.

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