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Listen to Fyfe’s shadowy new song, “Conversations”

on May 30, 2013, 12:45pm

Fyfe - Conversations

When we last we heard from Paul Dixon, aka Fyfe, he was delivering the sweet, but haunting folksy-electronica hybrid, “St. Tropez”, and keeping up a rather mysterious air, rarely showing us his full face. But a few months and one EP later, here the Londoner’s revealed, and with a new track in tow.

Retaining the complexity of his past material, “Conversations” is peppered throughout with slightly disjointed arrangements and transitions. But as with his other work, they’re able to come together and read as more welcomed surprises than vexing head-scratchers. From the invigorating and bolder (but never over-the-top) beats, to the way Dixon slips from brooding verse to imploring chorus, it’s a shadowy and detailed electro-pop cut that keeps on giving.

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