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Listen to Kanye West and The Beatles mashed together on “Southside My Dear”

on May 28, 2013, 9:39am

kanye beatles

There’s a new mash-up project on the way which mixes together the music of Kanye West and The Beatles. Titled What’s a Black Beatle (a reference to Kanye’s great lyric on “Gorgeous”), the album arrives later this summer. Take a listen to the first single, “Southside My Dear”, featuring The Beatles’ “Martha My Dear” and Kanye’s collaboration with Common, “Southside”.

Mr. Troublesome is behind the project. He says:

”I always felt like Kanye would fit so much with The Beatles. Kanye’s musical deformation to pop music has made him be not just a rapper. He forgets about genres. Kanye has no styles. And the level of composition in rap music never been so elevated since Kanye came around.
I wanna dispense this project. Dont want to make a simple mix.. so it will take time. When you touch The Beatles, it’s hard to make something better than the original versions. I gotta be really meticulous. I can’t stain their legacy. I will make it with the most subtlety possible. Will do it how Ye would make it. Keeping the essence and redefining these legends. Kanye opened the gates for modern rap and influenced experimental / modern ’00 music, Beatles opened the gates for music and influenced music history and everyone. They are innovators. So is perfect to mix both because they are musical trangressors from different eras. Mind blown a little bit.
It’s gonna be a peculiar fusion. Everything will sound ideal”

(via Kanye To The)