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Listen to Kriget’s spiraling new single, “Sleeping with Buddha”

on May 08, 2013, 11:58am

 Listen to Krigets spiraling new single, Sleeping with Buddha

Kriget means “The War” in Swedish, and that’s exactly what the experimental rock trio operating under the moniker are bringing on their just-announced new album. Due out in July on BLVVD, Dystopico sees “civilization as an inferno, a beautiful and frightening world where the well known gets unexpected dimensions, where the catastrophe threatens and where the war is present, a never ending fatal war.”

Well, if this is what that apocalyptic onslaught sounds like, maybe the end of civilization as we know it won’t be so rough after all.

“Sleeping with Buddha”, our first picture of the album’s 10-track distopia, enters with a drumbeat like a heart racing in fear. Flies (which actually get audibly squashed around the 55 second mark) buzz over distorted bass, and you reckon the whole thing will explode in Nine Inch Nails-esque fury; with nothing more than a bass, a drumkit, and a funky, dizzying saxophone the likes of which synth imitators should bow before, the trio defies  expectations. The track spirals on, like the culture war raging around it, terrifying and entrancing, until it wraps up like a powered-down proton pack.

Dystopico Tracklist:
01. Sleeping with Buddha
02. Malocchio
03. Dystopico
04. Holy Mountain
05. Aghori Diet
06. He Lives in the Same Forest as Me
07. Say No More
08. Don’t Worry, It Will Be Over Soon
09. King of the Cowboys
10. Ordinary Accidentally

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