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Listen to Spectrals’ honky-tonk ballad, “Sob Story”

on May 16, 2013, 1:37pm


Spectrals is the project of Yorkshire musician Louis Jones, who crafted an Elvis Costello-inspired blend of pop, soul, doo-wop, and garage rock on his 2011 debut, Bad Penny. On June 18th, Jones will return with the outfit’s sophomore record, Sob Story, via Slumberland Records.

Produced by ex-Girls member Chet “JR” White, the 12-track LP finds Jones leaving behind his beloved reverb and doo-wop to embrace the country and rockabilly of iconic Welsh rocker Dave Edmunds. For a taste of the more “confident” Jones, he’s unveiled the title track, or “(what) might be the best song I’ve written,” according to a press release.

With a new sense of focus and emotionality, Jones’ vocals, almost Dylan-esque in their pacing, sound especially mournful over the sea of slide guitars and slow drum marches. Is it Jones’ peak, or just another step in the 23-year-old’s already multi-faceted musical journey? Judge for yourself when you click play below (via The FADER).

“I think this is the first time I’ve talked about religion in a song,” Jones adds. “I am romantic to a silly extent and I am disposed to believing in all sorts of things that there is absolutely no proof for but not Jesus and his Dad. I just don’t like the story that much, not compared to Harry Potter or something.”

For more from the record, be sure to check out “Milky Way” and “A Heartbeat Behind”.

Sob Story Tracklist:
01. Let Me Cave In
02. A Heartbeat Behind
03. Karaoke
04. Sob Story
05. Milky Way
06. Friend Zone
07. Limousine
08. Something To Cry About
09. Blue Whatever
10. Keep Your Magic Out Of My House
11. Gentle
12. In A Bad Way

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