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Listen to Surfer Blood’s extra, extra poppy new single, “Gravity”

on May 29, 2013, 4:30pm

surferblood gravitycover Listen to Surfer Bloods extra, extra poppy new single, Gravity

From what we’ve heard thus far, Surfer Blood’s sophomore record Pythons has proven to be rather unpredictable: It started with the Strokes-ian “Weird Shapes”, which was then followed by the extra poppy “Demon Dance”, and the band’s take on ’90s alt-metal, “Slow Six”.

Now comes “Gravity”, which expands on the accessibility of “Demon Dance” for a full-on pop-rock ballad of strummy guitars, chipper melodies, and uber saccharine lyrics (“I can fall in love with you again/In love with you it’s all brand new”). If nothing, the whole approach should keep listeners on their tippy-toes. Listen in below.

Pythons is due out June 11th via Warner Bros. Records.

Pythons Tracklist:
01. Demon Dance
02. Gravity
03. Weird Shapes
04. I Was Wrong
05. Squeezing Blood from a Stone
06. Say Yes To Me
07. Beyond the Grave AKA Blair Witch
08. Needles and Pines
09. Slow Six
10. Dark 1000s AKA Prom Song

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