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Listen to the Heliotropes’ blistering new track, “Quatto”

on May 30, 2013, 4:05pm

Heliotropes - A Constant Sea

For five straight minutes on “Quatto”, all-female four-piece Heliotropes pump out brash and blistering rock, complete with riffs so hefty and unforgiving, they sound as though they were born and bred in some dingy, faraway dungeon. Though the women put in the time to harmonize, their vocals don’t soften the blow; in fact, their voices, especially the occasional vicious shriek, merely enhance it. With lines like, “One of these days I’m gonna jump right out of my skin!”, issued in menacing, guttural fashion, you don’t dare doubt them.

“Quatto” was originally titled “Joy Unfolds”, but changed to honor one of the band’s favorite films, Total Recall. It will appear on their forthcoming debut album, The Constant Sea, due out on June 18th via Manimal/Frenchkiss Label Group.

A Constant Sea Tracklist:
01. Early In The Morning
02. Psalms
03. Everyone Else
04. Moonlite
05. Good and Evil
06. Ribbons
07. Quatto
08. The Dove
09. I Walk Upon The Water
10. Unadorned
11. Awake
12. Christine