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Sigur Rós to appear in The Simpsons, contributed new music

on May 03, 2013, 4:16pm

simpsons 021 Sigur Rós to appear in The Simpsons, contributed new music

The 24th season of the The Simpsons will culminate in a trip to Iceland, featuring one of the country’s most popular musical diplomats: Sigur Rós. According to MBL, the post-rock group will not only join the long list of bands that have been drawn into the show, but they have also composed original music for the episode. The two-part finale follows the too-smart-for-his-own-good Carl Carlson (of Lenny and Carl fame) on a trip to his native Iceland (he’s and African-Icelandic-American after all).

We don’t have the drawing of a Simpsonified Jonsí yet, but when last Iceland was featured in The Simpsons in the 2010  episode The Bob Next Door”, Homer was the scapegoat for Iceland’s debt crisis. D’oh, indeed.

The two-part episode “The Saga of Carl Carlson” airs May 19th on Fox.

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