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The CoS Quiz: Alex Kerns (Lemuria)

on May 28, 2013, 2:27pm


The CoS Quiz is a brand new feature where we ask your favorite artists all the tough, probing questions. Who is their celebrity crush? What is their spirit animal? What’s the weirdest thing they’ve thought about while on stage or in the studio? Prepare to see a side of your favorites you could’ve never dreamed up.

Today marks a special edition of The CoS Quiz, as Lemuria drummer/vocalist Alex Kerns not only answers our ridiculous questions, but drops off the band’s new single. The Buffalo-based indie punk band is set to release their latest full-length, The Distance Is So Big, via Boston label Bridge Nine Records on June 18th (pre-orders available now). Billed as “their most mature and best effort to date,” the band worked on the album with J. Robbins (Against Me!, The Promise Ring), and “Chihuly” is our latest sample of the results.

The cut reveals a tight, poppy sound from the band, with vocal duties shared between Sheena Ozzella’s bright highs and Kerns’ even middles. While the song opens with lyrics Kerns might want to take to heart (see question nine), the chorus would make glass sculptor Dale Chihuly cringe. “Shattering Chihuly” the duo coos, before Ozzella compares her “interior weather” to the “aurora borealis.” No doubt Chihuly’s interior weather would be a different storm entirely if they decide to film a video for this cut. Listen in below.

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