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The people of Wee Waa, Australia celebrate the coming of Daft Punk

on May 15, 2013, 10:00am

daftpunk weewaapic The people of Wee Waa, Australia celebrate the coming of Daft Punk

Among Daft Punk’s many unconventional promotional tactics behind Random Access Memories, the decision to hold their album launch party in Wee Waa, Australia ranks pretty high on the “say what?!” meter. But, on Friday, May 17th, amid the sawing contests and canine high jumping of the 79th Annual Wee Waa Show, there will be a full playback of Random Access Memories that will make Wee Waa more than a mere cotton capitol (the town was originally chosen for its proximity to the CSIRO Australia Telescope).

And, as it turns out, the lovely people of Wee Waa couldn’t be happier that Daft Punk are playing their town, launching “The Road To Wee Waa” video series to celebrate the biggest thing to happen to the town since the post office opened in 1849.

The series takes us into the town’s cotton fields, elementary school, Chinese restaurant, and beyond, interviewing young and old in their Daft Punk masks about their admiration and fandom for the French robots. “I do like some Daft Punk,” said CSIRO scientist Dr. James Stevens before singing the words “Toronto Mexican monkey” to the tune of “Get Lucky”. While the situation’s inherent ridiculousness is as apparent as their thick accents, the people seem overjoyed for the attention on their little ‘burg. Watch several videos below (head here for the rest).

The 1,689 residents of Wee Waa are encouraged to head to the Sony store at 77b Rose Street on Thursday morning to pick up their “Daft Punk helmets.” If you can’t make it to Wee Waa for the festivities, then stream Random Access Memories on iTunes now. While you’re enjoying it from the comfort of home, be sure to check out our piece on the duo’s collaborative history.

Random Access Memories hits stores on May 21st via Columbia Records.