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This Is Spinal Tap to be reissued with an all black cover, of course

on May 10, 2013, 3:33pm

130510 spinal tap This Is Spinal Tap to be reissued with an all black cover, of course

“Imagine the greatest record ever made by man, and then imagine that record as remastered by God himself. And then take that remaster and let Zeus and Ghandi have a freestyle rap battle over the top of it. And then take that record and wipe This Is Spinal Tap‘s…” …yeah.

Thus reads a proper press release via Los Angeles Times regarding the self-appointed greatest heavy metal album ever made by self-appointe greatest heavy metal band there ever was. The soundtrack to the 1984 Rob Reiner mockumentary This is Spinal Tap will be reissued June 11th on all black vinyl, packaged with a black cover (you shoulda seen the cover they wanted to do), slipped between a black inner sleeve, and paired with original liner notes from the “Rocklopedia Brittanicus.”

The album and all 11 of its original tracks (natch) will be out June 11th (natch), and you can pre-order the album right now via The Control Group.

The band Spinal Tap consists of singer Nigel Tufnel, guitarist David St. Hubbins, and bassist Derek Smalls — though really they are actors Christopher Guest,  Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, respectively. The band also included a revolving door of drummers who were never not spontaneously combusting.

This Is Spinal Tap tracklist:
01. Hell Hole
02. Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
03. “Heavy Duty
04. “Rock and Roll Creation
05. “America
06. Cups and Cakes (arranged by Harlan Collins)
07. Big Bottom
08. Sex Farm
09. Stonehenge
10. Gimme Some Money
11. (Listen to the) Flower People

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