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Thurston Moore discusses Sonic Youth’s future, shares new Chelsea Light Moving video

on May 16, 2013, 1:55pm


In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Thurston Moore opened up about the future (or non-future) of Sonic Youth, his new outfit Chelsea Light Moving, and how he doesn’t own a set of keys to anywhere in New York. As you can imagine, it was a very candid interview.

On the potential of a Sonic Youth reunion:

“I would never say I don’t see why not. Life changes from time to time and who knows what will happen in the future. Your crystal ball is about as clear as my crystal ball is. Really – seriously. It’s not something I think about right now. It’s in stasis, for reasons that are obvious.”

On the conception of Chelsea Light Moving:

“I did sort of concede in having a sticker on there that says, ‘Thurston Moore’s new band.’ I had just read [RS contributor] Will Hermes’ Love Goes to Buildings on Fire, which I really liked, and I saw this tidbit about Steve Reich and Philip Glass having a moving company called Chelsea Light Moving, because they lived in Chelsea and only wanted to do light lifting. I thought that was a really great name, especially for a British shoegazing band. We’re so decidedly not that, so I thought the juxtaposition was really fun.”

On not having permission to use the name Chelsea Light Moving:

“No, I haven’t asked anyone. I want to ask Philip. I will at some point. I haven’t heard from anybody – I don’t think they ever registered that name. But if I’m going to get sued, I might as well get sued by Philip Glass and Steve Reich.”

On not living in New York, or anywhere for that matter:

“I live on the road. For the first time since 1977, I have no keys to a place in New York City. I live in Florence [a village within Northampton] in a rental situation. It’s completely temporary. I’ve always lived on the road, but now I really do. It’s like, ‘I’m 54 going on 55 and this is who I am now.’ I toy with the idea of living in different places and establishing a place where I could actually live and set up camp. But I haven’t decided yet. I’m not really in a place where I need to decide that. I’m trying to balance my personal life now.”

And, no, he’s still not talking about his divorceor, Kim Gordon’s recent controversial interview with Elle.

“I’m not gonna talk about it. There’s no aspect of that I will ever talk about.”


In addition to catching us up, Moore dropped the first video for Chelsea Light Moving. It’s a political-leaning clip for “The Lip” featuring a myriad of footage and allusions to the Occupy Wall Street movie. Catch it below.

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