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Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

on May 03, 2013, 12:00am
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cassettes Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

The top mp3s have gone through many incarnations since the beginning of Consequence of Sound in 2007. What used to be an exhaustive roundup of all the singles, remixes, covers, and undiscovered gems emailed to us any given week evolved into a compilation whittled down to our 10 favorite new songs. For 2013, we’re again changing up the format with the hope of giving our selections some added weight. We’re still posting about our 10 favorite songs, but they’ll be ordered in quality from 10-1. Who takes home #1 this week? You’ll have to click ‘Next’ to find out.

10. Run the Jewels – “Get It”

el-p killer mike run the jewels

“My name is Michael Render and we are the new Avengers / We’re here to tell you all your false idols are just pretenders,” Killer Mike intones on Run The Jewels’ brain-scrambling “Get It”. Mike and El-P have teamed up in the past, but they’ve now officially challenged Thor & Cap to a showdown with their first joint album, the self-titled Run The Jewels. The now-official duo swap verses on this first single, ping-ponging high-end and dense bass rumbles leading the way to a machine-gun salvo of the song’s title. Fool’s Gold will release Run The Jewels digitally (and at zero cost to the listener) in June, with a limited edition physical release to follow.

9. Speedy Ortiz – “Hexxy”

speedy front Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

Just last week I lauded the rising crop of Massachusetts rockers (particularly Fat History Month and Krill), and this week sees another name to add to that list: Speedy Ortiz. The B-side to their new “Ka-Prow” single, “Hexxy” comes off a little like Sleater-Kinney dipped in tar, Sadie Dupuis’ measured venom on subjects like torture-porn riding a crest of gritty guitar and tom-heavy percussion. All that and there’s a “Cannonball”-esque fuzzy ooh backing vocal buried in the bridge, though considerably less friendly. This brash, hard-charging attitude got Speedy Ortiz a deal with Carpark Records for their forthcoming debut LP, due July 9th.

8. Jan St. Werner – “Feed Opener”

blazecolourburn Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

Just last year, Mouse on Mars ended a six year break without new music. That return to the studio must have invigorated MoM co-founder Jan St. Werner, as he’s about to release a solo album with some pretty heady blue-prints. “Feed Opener” is the first track from his Fiepblatter series, a set of recordings that encompass “electro-acoustic experimentation, algorithmic elements, scored music” and more, to be released through Thrill Jockey. You won’t need to understand all that to enjoy the altered 8-bit, pizzicato dreaminess of this one, though, splatters of plucked bass and glitchy electronics hitting the round canvas. “Feed Opener” is the first taste of Fiepblatter debut Blaze Colour Burn, due June 11th.

Jan St. Werner – “Feed Opener”

7. Tango in the Attic – “Easybones”

tangointheattic Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

Is that a feedback-dosed marimba on Tango In The Attic’s “Easybones”? And that thudding bass drum and frenzied scratching; borrowed from Battles? No matter how skittering the environment gets (and they label themselves “Offbeat Sloppy Pop” for a reason), the Scottish four-piece seem to rein things in at the very last second, riding the edge of the cliff like a balance beam. Glistening guitar dewdrops and electronic bleating play alongside the sleepy-lidded vocals, gilding lines about how “she wakes up only for a second” on rainy days. “Easybones” is our first taste of Tango In The Attic’s upcoming Crushed Up EP, due digitally June 4th through their own Domicile Crocodile imprint, followed by a 7″/t-shirt package sometime later.

Tango in the Attic – “Easybones”

6. Lucki Eck$ – “No Troubles”

notroubles Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

We all know about Rockie Fresh’s rise to Maybach status, Keef’s world domination, and Chance The Rapper’s superb new tape, but Chicago’s young hip-hop scene isn’t even close to done. This week we’ve got “No Troubles”, a confident new cut from Lucki Eck$, produced by equally rising Nate Fox (he of Chance’s sublime “Juice”). This time Nate crafts a beat around a slow-burning Bob Marley sample, and Lucki weaves his low-slung, lazy flow through the weed smoke. He flips some slick homonyms, moving “rock” from peddling on the street, to his prowess matching Dwayne Johnson to this particularly cutting couplet: “Then I go dish a bit to them Cool Kids, the Mikey Rocks/ I’m counting cash til’ my fingers look withered like Megan Fox.” This is the second track from the 16-year-old’s (Seriously. 16.) upcoming Alternative Trap.

5. Way Yes – “Colerain”


Columbus, Ohio’s Way Yes seem to have listened to their fair share of Panda Bear, their expansive, psychedelic “Colerain” equal parts tropical rhythm and glistening treble. The press for their upcoming album, Tog Pebbles, included “thematic summaries” in the place of song titles, but this one matches up to the devastating phrase “dead mom.” ”When I sleep you are still alive,” they croon over a cloud of dripping electronics and shambling percussion, returning to the fact that “I wake up and you go and die all over again.” The whole thing wanders deliriously between the warmth of dreams and the haunting reality, an indelibly honest and effective representation of loss. Tog Pebbles, the four-piece’s debut LP, is due on May 7th.

Way Yes – “Colerain”

4. Atoms for Peace – “Magic Beanz”


Though it’s yet unclear whether this one is a holdover from Amok or something entirely new, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich debuted a new Atoms For Peace track on French radio station Nova Club. “Magic Beanz” (Yorke insisted in a tweet that the z is “v important”) grows (like a giant beanstalk, as it were) from a slippery synth line up to a frenzied cloud kingdom of electronic percussion and chopped vocals. Yorke’s fuzzy delivery of lines about paying up and “murdering the crows” fit the claustrophobic atmosphere, occasional reveals of clean guitar raga only enhancing the mystery.

3. The Numerators – “Finally Sees”

numerators Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

The B-side to The Numerators’ new 7″, “Finally Sees”, could be a cut that Thee Oh Sees recorded while black-out drunk and/or having waked and baked after a long night of the same. The motorik groove is there most of the time, though the Brooklyn-via-Lubbock, TX outfit aren’t afraid to get lost in a spazzy, unintelligible shout or messy breakdown. “Finally Sees” is the kind of weird, fun-loving psych garage that delights in simultaneously adoring and twisting its predecessors, much the way David Lynch lovingly skewered noir and soap operas on Twin Peaks. Though that could easily be gleaned from the legend on their Bandcamp page: “We believe in pizza, the log lady, & rock n roll.” This song (along with A-side “Dead”) can be yours digitally or on vinyl through Suicide Squeeze.

2. Deafheaven – “Dreamhouse”

sunbather Top 10 MP3s of the Week (5/3)

For those that wished that Liturgy would figure out a way to match their throat-shredding vocals to more “appropriately” satanic metal, stay away from Deafheaven. For those that can handle the blending of metal, post-rock, and shoegaze elements into one mind-expanding mass, look no further. The nine-plus minutes of “Dreamhouse” contort double-kick drum rhythms and George Clarke’s demonic howl, hitting multiple epic peaks and valleys in a single song. Kerry McCoy layers his guitar like the celestial spheres, starting resonantly crunchy and ending in some ringing aether.”Dreamhouse” is the first taste of the duo’s Sunbather, out June 11th through Deathwish Inc.

1. Magical Cloudz – “Bugs Don’t Buzz”


“The cheesiest songs all end with a smile / This won’t end with a smile, my love,” Devon Welsh croons on “Bugs Don’t Buzz”, the latest from his new album under the name Magical Cloudz. A lonely piano opens the track, as Welsh unspools lines about unavoidable decay and comparisons between humans and roaches. Sub-bass rumble and white noise warps roll in like storm clouds as Welsh begins to wonder aloud whether there might after all be some sort of hope: “This might end with a smile, no my love,” he arches, ever uncertain. “Bugs Don’t Buzz” is the second Top MP3 from Impersonator (after “Childhood’s End” made the cut back in March), due May 27th via Matador.

Majical Cloudz – “Bugs Don’t Buzz”

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