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Watch Action Bronson do improv comedy

on May 28, 2013, 2:37pm


Having already mastered the cartwheel, Action Bronson continues his string of unlikely accomplishments done with Zen-like prowess by tackling the world of comedic improv. Bronson was recently a guest at Cipha Sounds’ “Take It Personal” comedy show, where the UCB troupe reenacted stories as originally told by the Queens MC. Yeah, think less knock knock jokes and chickens crossing the road and more tales of “a three-year-old with a crack in yo asshole” and “(stabbing) in the dick area”. Enjoy the comedic debut of hip-hop’s Tony Clifton below (via Nah Right).

And if you were wondering, Bronson also confirms there’s no way Liam Neeson could’ve beat the Albanians in Taken 2. Please note that for Taken 3: The Takening, filmmakers.

Bronson ended the evening with a performance of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”, off his collaborative album with wunderkind producer Harry Fraud, Saab Stories. It’s available sometime in early June.

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