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Boys Noize – Go Hard EP

on June 27, 2013, 12:00am

Out of the Black was an impressive third effort for Boys Noize’s Alexander Ridha. It showcased an unflinching love for the underground rave-techno of his German homeland while highlighting his respect for street-level hip-hop on cuts like “Circus Full of Clowns” and “Got It” (feat. Snoop Dogg), then completing an aesthetic about-face with the disco-house vibes of “Ich R U”. Having spent the interim seven months touring the world solo — with a handful of dates alongside Dog Blood co-conspirator Skrillex — the Go Hard EP is Noize’s freshest set of road-tested tracks that fit within this ongoing Boys Noize framework.

Akin to Out of the Black‘s “What You Want”, the vocal sample (“Turn that fucking music up”) repeated throughout the EP’s lead single,”Excuse Me”, provides built-in effects for live fan interaction. However, with the track’s Jock Jams-esque build as a key example, moments of the EP should have been reserved solely for the festival setting without infecting the generally raw discography of Boys Noize.

“Starwin” is the pillar which balances that and the meandering, bassless “Inhale/Exhale” (you will instantaneously understand how the name was developed) with Boys Noize’s acid-evolution of his electro-hop exploits. “Go Hard” is a challenge to the trap-production community, as it weaves woozy analog vibrations to create a custom signature beneath the sound’s normally methodical percussive rolls. And Chicago producers Chrissy Murderbot and Traxman should take notice of “Push ‘Em Up” and how a Hamburg-bred producer is affecting Windy City’s footwork.

Take another look at that title; this is not an EP you enjoy in the sanctuary of your bedroom. For maximum efficiency, pull a few tracks from his prior LPs and optimize the sonic shift of Go Hard‘s 18 minutes.

Essential Track: “Go Hard”  

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