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UK band Moones made the best, most drunk “chose your own adventure” video

on June 29, 2013, 1:48pm

moonesbeervid UK band Moones made the best, most drunk chose your own adventure video

“Choose your own adventure” music videos are nothing new, with everyone from Chairlift to Death Grips placing the angles and outcomes of their clips squarely in viewers’ hands. But now UK rock band Moones have quite literally changed the game forever by letting the audience choose how drunk they get in their video for “Better Energy”. Time to be irresponsible with someone else’s well-being!

“We’ve got an EP and we needed a live, in-session kind of film,” member Ollie Kristian told The Daily Dot of their genius idea. “Why not just do it with a little bit of an idea on top?

The concept is simple: the band performed the song five separate times, but between each take all five members drank four beers apiece. After the footage was compiled, 10,0000 YouTube annotations were added, which lets viewers switch back and forth between the band performing at zero, 20, 60, or a whopping 80 beers consumed. (That’s up to 16 frosty beverages per member, or what Pete Doherty consumes himself pre-breakfast).

So, at zero beers, the band is tight and entertaining, and by the time they get up to 80, they’re staggering around, knocking down mic stands and playing as well you might expect from a group of dudes with a collective BAC of, like, 25. We suggest rapidly switching back and forth between 0 and 80 beers — it’s like drunken time travel.

Get started on the “choose your drunkenness” adventure by clicking play below. Or, watch behind-the-scenes footage, which is almost as funny just to see them get incrementally wasted. Also, enjoy the band’s totally sober new EP, Better Than Ice Cream, here. Maybe throw back a six-pack along with it?