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Daft Punk talk Star Wars, their favorite TV shows, and being intimidated by Brian Wilson

on June 17, 2013, 6:41pm

daft punk feat

Regardless of what mythos they’ve tried to perpetuate over the years, Daft Punk are, in fact, merely human beings masquerading as robots. They definitively proved their humanity earlier this afternoon when they called in to Los Angeles’ KROQ to nerd out with host Stryker.

They think JJ Abrams has enough Midi-chlorians to direct the Star Wars sequels.

“We feel really good [about it],” Bangalter said. “We’ve always been big fans of his work. I happened to have met J.J. a few years back, and he’s a really cool guy. He seems to be the perfect candidate to keep the Force alive.”

They especially like JJ Abrams work on Lost, even the series finale.

“As Pharrell would sing in ‘Get Lucky,’ ‘All ends with beginnings,'” Bangalter joked.

They love all the same TV shows as you.

They’ve seen a few episodes of Dexter, they’re almost caught up with Breaking Bad, and they love Mad Men.

They were raised on Paul Williams.

“Yes, I saw Smokey and the Bandit,” Bangalter said. “But we were introduced to Paul through the Rainbow Connection and the Muppets. But also back when were children in France, watching the film Phantom of the Paradise. It’s this bizarre rock opera about Faust that Paul started and wrote the music to.”

They weren’t turned off by MGMT’s Congratulations.

“I’d say what we’re excited about over the last six, seven, eight years is MGMT as a band,” Bangalter said. “We feel really touched by their music.” Meanwhile, de Homem-Christo admits that “there isn’t enough music that has been consistent to be really loving it. If I did have to find one, I’d have to go back to Led Zeppelin.”

They love Paul McCartney.

“We haven’t met him, but we have some mutual friends and we learned that he also liked the album, which is really incredible to hear,” Thomas Bangalter said. “He was really responsive to the record. It’s cool. It goes with the idea behind RAM, which was being able to interact with the musicians that have inspired us.”

They’re intimidated by Brian Wilson.

“(Once) I  saw his car in the parking lot of the studio, and I stopped and stared for two minutes at it,” said Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. “It would be too overwhelming to meet Brian Wilson. I think I would faint. Another time in the same parking lot I saw Mick Jagger, but from the back, walking away. I didn’t get lucky.” Pun!

In fact, they’re shy around a lot of people.

“We’re really shy and we don’t really reach out to people. But working with all these wonderful people, it was a chance to maybe make a piece of music that could stand the test of time.” In discussing the Julian Casablancas collabo “Instant Crush”, Bangalter added, “(the song) is the idea of something hybrid, which is different from things we had done ourselves and anything he’d ever performed as well. Getting out of our comfort zone was something the three of us wanted to do, for sure.”

Their recent trip to the Big Apple wasn’t for a music video.

“(We were not shooting) for a video, and we can’t reveal what that’s for. It’s a very top-secret stuff. But it was a fun day. We were in rowboats and walking down 42nd street.”

They’re not too pissed at The Knocks for leaking that picture of them without helmets.

“It’s hard, but it’s also fun because it’s a challenge,” Bangalter said. “It becomes also like a game. The idea of anonymity is something we cherish because it’s a statement. It’s also the way we’re living our lives, and we really like the separation between the public image and our private lives. At the same time, it’s part of the entertainment and the mystique of the entire project we’ve built step by step, record after record. Having the ability to make these robots evolve and follow this journey. It’s becoming more and more challenging, but so far so good.”

Listen to the full interview here. The decidedly non-robotic duo’s latest album, Random Access Memories, is out now via Columbia Records.