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Jay-Z has something planned for NBA Finals Game 5

on June 14, 2013, 8:01pm

jay zimage Jay Z has something planned for NBA Finals Game 5

Perhaps in light of Daft Punk or his BFF Kanye West’s brilliant-but-irritating marketing ploys, Jay-Z, in a partnership with Samsung, has shared the above picture. The text is the easy part (watch the NBA Finals Game 5 between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday, June 16th). But the what is the hard part: is he debuting a new song? Will he be performing at half-time? And what significance, if any, does the inclusion of Kanye’s chain have? We have more questions than a basketball has pebbles.

No matter the form, all the signs point to new music. This past week, rumors have circulated of new material from Hov arriving on July 4th (why celebrate Old Glory when you can celebrate grown men playing basketball?) And with Jigga allegedly in the studio with The-Dream as far back as April, the timeline totally fits for a lead single.

But, in the spirit of good old fashioned fun, here’s a few alternate ideas:

–Advertising for his burgeoning Roc Nation Sports.

–Sharing his thoughts on Yeezus.

–News on signing either Cal Ripken, Jr. or Dikembe Mutombo.

–Remix plans for that upcoming Jay-Z lullabies album.

–Something to do with the $20 million Samsung’s paying him as part of a reported partnership (which could mean a social media network, a music-streaming service, or maybe just a commercial).

–Or, a hail Mary, some sort of “Single Ladies”-inspired tribute for the winning team.

Check back Sunday night for the answer.

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