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Lil Wayne steps on U.S. flag during “God Bless Amerika” video shoot

on June 17, 2013, 4:28pm

wayneflagdeal Lil Wayne steps on U.S. flag during God Bless Amerika video shoot

As the self-professed greatest rapper in the world, Lil Wayne’s no stranger to controversy. Late last year, the Young Money honcho made headlines by threatening a lawyer during a deposition. Then, just recently, there was the whole non-apology to the Emmett Till estate over unsavory lyrics. Now, Weezy finds himself in more hot water as footage has surfaced in which he appears to walk all over an American flag.

The footage is taken from the set of Wayne’s video for “God Bless Amerika”, off his album I Am Not A Human Being II. A large U.S. flag drops down behind Wayne, at which point he performs on top of it.

It’s worth noting that “God Bless Amerika” has a number of different interpretations. Conceptually, it’s either 1) a meditation of America’s aggressive nature and military mindedness, or 2) a sweeping look at how mankind creeps closer to outright godlessness and moral decay.