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Listen to Brendan Benson’s new single, “New Words of Wisdom”

on June 18, 2013, 2:30pm

brendandwordssongcover Listen to Brendan Bensons new single, New Words of Wisdom

Brendan Benson had a fairly productive 2012. He started his own record label and publishing company, Readymade, and released his fifth solo album, What Kind of World. This year, The Raconteur has an equally hectic schedule, with plans to release a new song every month leading up to a full-length LP for Black Friday in November. For the month of June, Benson has unveiled “New Words of Wisdom”.

Benson’s sometimes bluesy, sometimes folksy sensibility takes on a slightly Caribbean vibe, with the defiant acoustic guitar paired with the pseudo-tropical hum of organs for a refreshing slice of Benson’s rural musicality. Still, Benson’s vocal presence remains the song’s core, sounding equally stoic and prepared and emotionally bankrupt as he contemplates what comes after the heartache (“I’ll call you friend/But we both know/That a thousand years/Couldn’t heal these wounds”). Listen in below.

For more from Benson, be sure to check out January’s “Swimming”, February’s “Oh My Love”, March’s “Purely Automatic”, April’s “Diamond”, and May’s “Swallow You Whole”.

Also watch Benson’s recent interview with Rock it Out! Blog:

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