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Listen to Cloud Control’s blissful new single, “Dojo Rising”

on June 04, 2013, 3:18pm

Cloud Control - press

Cloud Control’s well-received debut album, 2011’s Bliss Release, seemed like a spirited burst of earthy and psychedelic elements, full of winding guitars, thumpin’ tribal-esque percussion, and animal-like coos and yelps. Their new single, “Dojo Rising”, finds the four-piece — who are originally from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, but are now based out of London — weaving in a more focused, pop-like approach.

The Aussies still retain their old sound, pumping “Dojo Rising” with moments of both lo-fi fuzz and unpredictable energy, but they ultimately polish off the track with a gloss whose luster is like candy for the ears. Whether it has your head spinnin’ or bobbin’, this feel-good, life-affirming jam might just be worth a coveted spot on that summer playlist.

“Dojo Rising” appears on Cloud Control’s forthcoming sophomore record, Dream Cave, due out August 19th in Australia via Ivy League, September 16th in the UK via Infectious, and September 17th in the U.S. via Votiv.

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