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Listen to Dinosaur Bones’ new single, “Spins in Circles”

on June 12, 2013, 2:11pm

dinosaur bones shaky dreams

Dinosaur Bones’ debut album, My Divider, was a breath of fresh air last March, a masterful collage of gritty New York garage rock and earnest emotionality in the vein of The Smiths. Now, the Toronto rock band is coming back to cool off your summer with their new effort, Shaky Dream, due out on August 6th from Dine Alone Records.

With production coming from Jon Congleton (St. Vincent, The Walkmen, Explosions in the Sky), the 10 tracks on Shaky Dream see the band continue on their The Strokes-by-way-of-The Smiths path. (Yeah, yeah, those two bands are easy go-tos for comparison, but they really are fitting.)

Proof? Lend an ear to their new single, “Spins in Circles”. Those kick-the-can paced drums and the dazed meander of the guitars slow down Room on Fire-era balladry (well, as close as they get to it, anyway). As for the vocals, if singer Ben Fox isn’t a boyish Julian Casablancas, then lyrics like “The grass and the snow/ it won’t be long/ won’t be long till they’re all long gone” would certainly make Morrissey take notice.

Shaky Dream Tracklist:
01. Dreamer’s Song
02. Spins in Circles
03. Sleepsick
04. Nothing Left Between the Lines
05. Go Free
06. Career Criminal
07. So Brand New
08. Don’t Decide
09. Pacifist in Camouglage
10. End of Life Crisis

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