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Listen to “Faces”, debut solo single from Foxygen frontman Jonathan Rado

on June 06, 2013, 5:53pm

jrado debut Listen to Faces, debut solo single from Foxygen frontman Jonathan Rado

While Jonathan Rado has been leading San Francisco’s Foxygen for the last half decade, he’s been making his own bedroom recordings since junior high. This September, he’ll share some of that work with the release of his debut solo album, Law and Order, via Woodsist.

According to a press release, the album expands upon Foxygen’s psych-pop, referencing the likes of Bob Dylan, Prince, and White Fence for a sound likened to if “the San Fernando Valley and the Lower East Side flirt over muddy coffee, get married over corned beef, and give birth to a Motown drum beat.” But while Rado apes plenty of acts, the album “champions simplicity, catchiness, and cranberry-plush playfulness, without ever maliciously satirizing the material of inspiration. Rado enters familiar musical forms and puppeteers caricature voices with the most appreciative irreverence and, stretching out on a big burlesque bed.”

As a first taste, Rado’s released the album’s lead single, “Faces”. This go around, Rado’s channeled the essences of Eric Burdon and Davey Jones, delivering a boyish croon with undertones of darker intent over a hodgepodge of ’60s acoustic pop-rock and pseudo-psychedelic organ. While its clear Rado’s got a love affair with the generation of Flower Power, his understanding and dedication are enough to make this more than a mere homage.

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