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Listen to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin’s new single, “Nightwater Girlfriend”

on June 19, 2013, 1:08pm

sslyby flybycover Listen to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsins new single, Nightwater Girlfriend

This past January, indie poppers Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin spent six days in their namesake’s home country, playing shows while serving as cultural ambassadors. As empowering as the trip was, the band later said the experience brought them to something of a career crossroad.

“I used to joke that we would break up if Boris Yeltsin ever found out about our band,” said multi-instrumentalist Phil Dickey in a press release. “So I figured this was either the death or rebirth of the band.”

It ended up being the latter. The band returned to the same Missouri attic they recorded their debut LP, Broom, in order to tackle album #4, Fly By Wire, due out September 17th via Polyvinyl.

For a taste of the rejuvenated SSLYBY, the band have released lead single “Nightwater Girlfriend”. While the trio have spent over a decade honing their blend of ’90s power-pop and ’60s-inspired harmonies, this latest tune feels especially vibrant. The crushing waves of guitar, more grimy and manic than their other fare, are the perfect accompaniment to their rich and evocative vocals, overflowing with a teen-y angst and indecision that still feels utterly raw. Maybe they should fly 5,000 miles across the world for every record.

Fly By Wire Tracklist:
01. Harrison Ford
02. Young Presidents
03. Cover All Sides
04. Lucky Young
05. Ms. Dot
06. Loretta
07. Unearth
08. Bright Leaves
09. Nightwater Girlfriend
10. Fly By Wire

The band is releasing a documentary about their life-changing Russian trip, called Discussions With Russians, later this summer. Watch the trailer below.

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