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Listen to the sharp math rock of Feuding Fathers’ “Brass Knucks”

on June 03, 2013, 12:49pm


Sometimes out of great disasters comes great lucidity. Such was the case for the Texan math rock duo of guitarist Dustin Coffman and drummer Mason Macias, AKA Feuding Fathers. Early on in the band’s existence, they had the opportunity to open for one of their major influences, Tera Melos. The pair jumped at the opportunity, and promptly fell flat on their faces on stage. But the boys were far from discouraged, instead finding new resolution to hone their sound.

On their latest EP, Kid Tested, Father Approved, Feuding Fathers are more confident than ever. Album cut “Brass Knucks” demonstrates a band who has deftly cut and crafted their brand of math rock. Coffman’s melody rises and swings as if Slash’s “Sweet Child of Mine” riff had been informed by, well, Tera Melos. Macias keeps listeners guessing on the drums, defying typical signatures at every turn. In fact, the whole song defies expectations, from its unexpectedly catchy vocals to its abrupt end. Try to keep up below.

The Kid Tested, Father Approved EP will be released August 16th via the duo’s own Feuding Fathers Records.

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