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Listen to Zorch’s surprisingly poppy new single, “This is the Way it Goes”

on June 04, 2013, 3:53pm

zorchalbumcover Listen to Zorchs surprisingly poppy new single, This is the Way it Goes

Back in February, we reported that Austin super-psych duo Zorch had signed to Sargent House for the release of their debut full-length, Zzoorrcchh, on July 23rd. Despite the bump in status the signing inevitably netted drummer Shmu (yes, that’s his name) and keyboardist Zac Traeger, they maintained their hyper-spastic ways with the album’s lead single, “We All Die Young”. Now, though, the band reels in their quasi-Avant sensibilities and practically goes pop with “This is the Way it Goes”.

For those concerned that the promise of fat paychecks may have forced the duo to sell out, this second single is only pop compared to the remainder of their bizzarro back catalog. What they’ve now let loose on the word is still a maddening onslaught of drums that burst like mortar blasts, synths that sound like cover fire from invading robots, and vocals that readily alternate from lush harmonies to barmy whispers. Yet amid the chaos, there are light touches (a general consistency in the madness, those aforementioned harmonies) that not only enhance accessibility but also help flesh out the psych insanity.

Zzoorrcchh Tracklist:
01. My Joy is Explosion
02. We All Die Young
03. It’s Kind of a Deal Where…
04. This is the Way it Goes
05. Mutwa
06. Zut Alors
07. Inopportune Sailing
08. Cosmic Gloss
09. Oceans Dawn

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