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Orion Music + More 2013: 12 Loud Snapshots

on June 10, 2013, 10:57pm
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orionmusicbanner Orion Music + More 2013: 12 Loud Snapshots

Ever look at a festival lineup and think, I could do a better job at picking bands than these people. How do I get that job? Well for the Orion Music + More Festival, the answer is: be a successful metal band for 30 years and then do it yourself.

For its second year in a row, Metallica brought the fire, the heat, and the sounds to a festival setting — shifting the action away from Atlantic City, NY to the rustic confines of Detroit, MI, specifically Belle Isle. Once again, they presided over an eclectic mix of metal, rock, punk, and even EDM (it’s everywhere and you’ll never escape it).

OrionMusicMoreFreed - 01

Produced by C3 Presents…, the two-day festival shares many similarities to Lollapalloza, but it’s far smaller and more manageable. In fact, the festival grounds are maybe half the size of Lollapalooza, which makes it easier for everyone to get from stage to stage, but still big enough where only a little bit of noise bled from other stages.

Even if they’re all pushing 50, Metallica knows what sort of music their fans dig. And like a smart, savvy friend, they’re insisting they branch out to younger talent like Datsik or The Orwells. It’s like this weird symbiotic relationship, where James Hetfield & Co. endorse something and then the fans oblige. It’s exposure for everyone, both artists and fans.

Here are 12 things we brought back with us from the Motor City.

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