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Preview Oneohtrix Point Never’s new song “Still Life”, watch its bizarre video

on June 25, 2013, 11:10am

oneohtrix600 Preview Oneohtrix Point Nevers new song Still Life, watch its bizarre video

There’s a new mindfuck of a video for Oneohtrix Point Never’s forthcoming album, R Plus Seven. Directed by Nate Boyce, the three-minute clip supporting album track “Still Life” collects an array of eye-dulling visuals, all seemingly pulled from a lost Windows 95 file. The track itself “pushes the disembodied voices of a choir through a maze, which [Daniel Lopatin] likens to a hallucinogenic browse of a video store’s horror section,” as a press release notes best.

To assist, Lopatin issued an equally bizarre statement, writing:

Incongruous surfaces come together in a nexus of fetishistic material interactions. Cryptic ads for obscure objects, fragments of sculptural forms, and remnants of material surfaces are thrown into the mix with bulging semi-solids, unctuous quasi-liquids that are agitated into an animated flow. There is no resolution other than the suspension of these discrete elements from diverging orders: liquid, mineral, organic, consumerist, etc. Their interactions simply propose a language that is looked at as it inheres in the plasticity of texture. This is the language of morphogenesis—the process of approaching form—imagined as a pulsatile latency that stops short of emergence.

Yep. Sort it out below.

R Plus Seven is due out October 1st via Warp Records.

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