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Watch Dehaan, a.k.a. Metallica’s full performance of Kill ‘Em All at Orion Music + More

on June 19, 2013, 4:01pm

OrionMusicMoreFreed - 03

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Metallica surprised everyone as Dehaan at Orion Music + More and performed their 1983 debut, Kill ‘Em All, in full on what might have been the smallest stage they’ve rocked on since 1983? It’s okay, we lose a lot of our short-term memory from too much sodium, but truth be told, that all happened. Need proof? The entire performance is now available to stream, thanks to some rockin’ fans with killer biceps. (Seriously, how else do you hold a camera steady for close to an hour?) In celebration, throw your stapler, kick that salad into the garbage, and get your Hump Day Metal on below.

ICYMI, we covered Orion to great effect, including a full writeup; interviews with Baroness, BassnectarFLAG, FOALSGogol Bordello, and Silversun Pickups; and a short documentary, the latter of which you can watch below.

Photo by Nick Freed

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