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Watch Stepdad’s Lord of the Rings-esque animated video for “Pick and Choose”

on June 17, 2013, 10:50am


Michigan dance-pop outfit Stepdad have teamed up with Swedish animators Hannes and Johannes (the same duo who sent Team Spirit to hell) on the video for “Pick and Choose”, off last year’s Wildlife Pop. Watch as the quintet is charged with a Tolkien-inspired mystical quest to deliver a magical box to a mountaintop, along the way dealing with the inherent dangers of the woods (fiendish animals, setting up tents at the proper levels, etc.) and riding a giant mutant kiwi. Whether or not they succeed is moot; what you should be concerned with is why one band member has a Terminator face. Ponder all that and more when you click play below.

Wildlife Pop is out now via Black Bell/Warner Bros. Records.

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