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All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

on July 31, 2013, 12:02am

In the worlds of hardcore, metal, and punk, the idea of what makes something heavy has been taken to some serious, even comical extremes. There are already bands tuning their guitars the lowest, playing their songs the fastest, and screaming the absolute loudest. For the most part, it’s been done. As such, a band must come correct with a serious artistic statement to rise above the din of the current fare. However, there’s an exception to every rule, and d-beat/hardcore/metal supergroup All Pigs Must Die manages to sidestep the need for some higher artistic statement by utilizing an unbridled might to hit every mark with such an unholy and bludgeoning force that the intensity alone could carry the band’s anthems of rage.

The (mostly) Boston-based band has returned with a sophomore full-length release and somehow managed to streamline the melange of blackened-blast beats, furious hardcore, and unchecked blasphemy displayed on debut God is War into an even more intense fever pitch of anger. The Boston-accented battle cry of Kevin Baker (Hope Conspiracy, Bars) is a near perfect weapon for delivering the reports of nihilism that have become his lyrical forte. Ben Koller (Converge, Acid Tiger, United Nations) is without a doubt one of the most versatile and tasteful drummers currently playing hardcore, and the boys from Bloodhorse (Matt Woods and Adam Wentworth) have a keene sense for penning only the riffs that provide the maximum pummeling without relying upon generic ideas.

Nothing Violates This Nature claws through the gate with the immensely satisfying and immediate riffage of “Chaos Arise”, beginning the violent, dynamic romp through the album’s 10 tracks. Converge guitarist/GodCity Studios owner Kurt Ballou’s production adds to the formidable heft of the album, enhancing the song’s dynamic shifts and catapulting things from clear and cutting to a dense wave of destruction at a moment’s notice. There is a smattering of meaty, traditional hardcore fare present, but these bits are generally used as impact points following exasperating bouts of filthy, blast beat-driven terror (“Aquim Siege”).

Surely, there are plenty of bands that fuse these most brutal of aggressive sub-genres (many of whom share a label in Southern Lord with All Pigs Must Die), but there is a superhuman force and a willfully ignorant level of intensity involved in this band’s approach that simply places them in a realm almost entirely free of peers.

Essential Tracks: “Chaos Arise”, “Primitive Fear”, “Bloodlines”, and “Aquim Siege”

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