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Donald Glover reduces role on Community to focus more on music

on July 08, 2013, 7:28pm


When actor/comedian/hobo Realtor Donald Glover first picked up the mic as Childish Gambino, he did so amid a burgeoning career, landing primo roles on 30 Rock and Community. And while the actor-slash-rapper thing worked through a slew of mixtapes and his excellent debut album Camp, he expressed an interest with last year’s Royalty to be been seen as a more serious rapper. Now, as the A.V. Club points out, Glover may get that chance as his Troy Barnes character will appear in fewer episodes of the show’s forthcoming fifth season.

According to a deal worked out between Glover and Community producer Sony Pictures Television, the actor will only appear in five of the season’s 13 episodes. Vulture indicates that while the deal was drawn up primarily to let Glover focus on music, Sony Pictures will save money since it won’t have to pay Glover for every episode.

Glover’s move to part-time study group member comes after a number of shifts for NBC’s underdog show. Show runner/creator Dan Harmon was booted from the show last year, only to return last month for the upcoming season. And the show’s ratings suffered during season four after Chevy Chase left in November following personal disputes with Harmon.

Below, revisit the best part of Glover’s involvement with Community: his bromance with Abed Nadir (actor Danny Pudi).

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