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Forecastle 2013 Guide: Seven Things To Do In Louisville

on July 11, 2013, 1:06am
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forecastle 2013

Full disclosure: Our Forecastle beginner’s guide last year wasn’t much of a help. Most of the places weren’t within walking distance, the hours were all wonky, and we even included a number of tourist traps. To settle the score, we turned to a couple of local experts, who also just so happen to be professionals in our industry: We Listen For You’s Zach Hart and the one and only Kenny Bloggins. Together, they trimmed the fried fat and cut right into the savory meat of what can get you lucky in Kentucky. Christ, even that sentence has my eyes rolling, so let’s hand it over to them ASAP, eh?

Prospective Forecastle attendees, you’re now in good hands.

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