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Listen to Hot Chip’s unexpected remix of Matthew E. White’s “Big Love”

on July 10, 2013, 12:20pm

matthewewhitehollywoodbowl1 Listen to Hot Chips unexpected remix of Matthew E. Whites Big Love

“Big Love” serves as the centerpiece of CoSigned singer-songwriter Matthew E. White’s Top Star-earning debut, Big Inner. It’s a galloping road-song brimming with lush string arrangements and a gorgeous seven-voice choir. Now, in an unexpected twist, Hot Chip have gotten their mitts on the song and bent it to their collective will.

Alexis Taylor and company have expanded the tight, four-minute ditty into seven minutes of stretched-out instrumental interludes, tweaked harmonies, and the odd electronic flourish. Though its structure remains untouched, these additions instill the song with pronounced nervous energy and undertones of unrest. Listen in below (via SPIN.com).

White said of the result:

“Although the very nature of recorded music flies in the face of this, I’m a firm believer that art is never finished, it only stops in interesting places. Fortunately, versions, dubs and remixes allow you to see a song from a new perspective, they un-stick a recorded experience from a particular moment in time and allow it to live again. Today I’m very excited to share a marvellous remix that Hot Chip has done for Big Love, one that unlocks the song and turns it inside out. It stays very honest to the original material but also breaks it open in a terrific way. Take a listen, listen to the original, hear what is changing and what’s not, what’s new and what’s not. Hot Chip did a GREAT job, it’s a pleasure to have them on the mix, and for that I send my biggest love.”

Listen in below (via SPIN.com).

Photo by Wesley Hodges

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