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Listen to “Hunting Horn,” the new single from These Animals

on July 29, 2013, 10:00am

These Animals - Pages

The members of indie pop group These Animals first met while attending art school in upstate New York. The band began writing and playing together in the early months of 2010, leading to the release of two EPs (2010’s Extended Play and 2011’s Souvenir Sessions), which were supported by a nationwide tour. At the end of last year, the band sequestered themselves away in a small cabin in western New York to work on their debut LP. The result of these cold and blustery sessions is Pages, due out on July 30th.

Far removed from the snowed-in days of those late-season sessions is the band’s new single, “Hunting Horn”. In this visceral soundscape, thudding, bass-heavy piano notes wrap around minimalist guitar lines before exploding outward on the track’s syrup-y chorus. Meanwhile, guitars confidently churn and brush up against a melody that pours from the speakers in unchecked waves. With a balance of both darker and more lustrous rhythms, the track seamlessly blends its wintry inception with a bright and summery pop disposition.

“The lyrics of ‘Hunting Horn’ uses imagery of some strange dreams I’ve had,” said singer/guitarist Greg Baldwin. “Mostly from the kind that you wake up from in a cold sweat.  I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but they leave you slightly on edge.  I think the general vibe of the song is fairly creepy and unsettling which is often how you feel in a midst of some dreams.  It’s definitely one of the stranger songs off our record.”

For more sounds, be sure to check out the album’s lead singe, “I Wrote the Book”.

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