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Listen to The Sufis’ new psychedelic pop: “Alone” and “No Expression”

on July 03, 2013, 10:00am

the sufis

I like to think every kid had, as I did, a handful of friends in high school who would spend hours spinning Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Velvet Underground albums. These psychedelic children seemed born out of time, extolling an era that came decades before, and if given the chance, they would’ve surely Delorean-ed back to the late ’60s and joined the band. I’d also like to think that Nashville’s The Sufis are what happens when those kids study the craft, grow up, and start a band of their own.

Comprised of Calvin Laporte, Evan Smith, and the help of some local pals, the band released their self-titled debut last year, amassing solid press with their tightly controlled echos of the past. Now, the duo seeks to stretch into even more ambitious psychedelic pop with their followup record, Inventions, due August 6th from ample play/Burger Records.

“I wanted to write concise pop songs, each with a unique and particular quality,” Laporte says in a press release. To that end, they recorded on what they refer to as “old school equipment”, including some home-invented effects (hence, Inventions, yes?). You can hear the success of Laporte’s goals by checking out the pair of songs that open side two of the record: “Alone” and “No Expression”. Both tracks swirl subtly in their hazes, but while “Alone” glides on through its simple and cool 1:54, “No Expression” shakes and grooves steadily over rolling bass lines and rambling piano solos.

Inventions Tracklist:
01. All of the Time
02. Most Peculiar Happening Cat03. She Said to Me
04. I’ll Come to See You
05. Turn Around
06. The End
07. Alone
08. No Expression
09. Gotta Get Away
10. Wallflower
11. Nothing More to Say
12. Washed Away

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