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The 25 Weirdest Pieces of Band Merchandise

on July 12, 2013, 9:11am
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gwarbq The 25 Weirdest Pieces of Band Merchandise

The fact that something as ridiculous as a GWAR-themed barbecue sauce is maybe the least ridiculous thing GWAR has ever done speaks volumes as to how truly out of their intergalactic skulls the legendary comic metal outfit really is. But while it lacks the shock value of decapitating the president or conducting mock abortions onstage, the idea of marketing their own barbecue sauce is something you wouldn’t exactly put past them. Fuck, they’ve done everything else, so why not, right? –Ryan Bray

Creep Factor: 4/10

Perfect for: Anyone who likes it bloody… their steaks, that is. Sicko.

Gift wrap? And get the paper all burnt on the grill? Shit son.

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