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The 25 Weirdest Pieces of Band Merchandise

on July 12, 2013, 9:11am
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Weezer Snuggie

It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly Rivers Cuomo and Co. completely put the self-seriousness that marked their first two records behind them, but by the time they decided to tongue and cheekly jump in on the snuggie craze in 2009, the band had pretty much taken to just having fun with, well, everything, music or otherwise. The inexplicably popular blanketwear was thrown in with the purchase of the band’s 2009 effort Raditude, which I guess was supposed to be incentive to jump in with the worst record of the band’s career. The end results are debatable. –Ryan Bray

Creep Factor: 7.1/10

Perfect for: Your grandmother eagerly awaiting a proper follow-up to Pinkerton.

Gift wrap? Only in special Weezer-styled paper. Short answer: no.

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