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Watch Fred Armisen star in infomercial for Queens of the Stone Age’s USB flash drive

on July 09, 2013, 9:56am


Already knowing full well the power an infomercial can have on bolstering sales, Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age have enlisted the help of Fred Armisen to schlep …Like Clockwork‘s sleek new 8GB USB flash drive/bottle opener. Armisen is cast as Ricky Chism, the long-haired spokesman of the band’s Do Stuff Corporation, whose tone and approach will remind those of us born post-1985 of a hippie version of Mike Levey. And while you could watch him do a damn fine job of extolling the drive’s values, why not just skip to 2:48 to watch the band look on awkwardly as Armisen “dances” to several album tracks? If the drive contains this footage, we’ll take 500 on our Black Card.

…Like Clockwork is out now via Matador. The opener/flash drive contains the full album, hi-res band photos, lyric sheet, and every music video. Order your copy here.

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