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Listen to OutKast's isolated vocal track for "B.O.B.", lose your mind

on August 20, 2013, 3:49pm

outkast Listen to OutKast's isolated vocal track for "B.O.B.", lose your mind

Ever try to sing along to OutKast’s “B.O.B.” only to fail miserably? Well, now you can hear how the pros really did it via the isolated vocal track. The always-awesome SoundCloud/Reddit, IsolatedTracks, has unleashed a version of OutKast’s seminal Stankonia single and the result’s quite impressive. Highlights: 30 seconds into Andre 3000’s breathless intro, Big Boi’s entire Taco Bell-referencing verse, and the haunting chants that close this out in an oddly spiritual fashion. Stream below, try it yourself, rinse and repeat about 3,000 times, and then quit. Luck!

In related news, OutKast recently popped up amidst our favorite hip-hop tracks and lodged quite high as one of the reunions we’d like to see in 2014. Also, Andre 3000 might release something substantial next year, too.

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