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Listen to The Debauchees' spunky new single, "I've Got Energy"

on August 28, 2013, 10:00am

the debauchees

How many of us have wanted to start a band, but never did because we didn’t know how to play an instrument? Go on, raise your hand (mine’s up). Louisville, KY trio Sydney Chadwick, Ashley Bowen, and Cameron Lowe know what that’s like. But instead of just daydreaming, they went ahead and actually started The Debauchees, and then they learned how to play. “We all learned how to play in an unconventional way,” guitarist/vocalist Chadwick says, “so our playing styles became personal and rule-defying.”

Defying rules is just the kind of stuff you’d expect from a bunch of barely-20-year-olds, but not always with the outcome that these young punks have reached. Their debut album comes out in November on SonaBLAST! Records, full of the sort of indie post-punk playfulness that can only come from a group of youth with no care in the world beyond some damn fun tunes.

Their latest single captures that spry feeling right in its title: “I’ve Got Energy”. The song certainly has that, bouncing between jangly guitar blares and walking basslines. In regards to their inspirations, they list Arctic Monkeys and Julian Casablancas right next to The B52s, and the spunk of this cut bespeaks that sonic range. Just as the music takes a deceptively minimalist approach, Chadwick’s lyrics repeat a series of sneering statements with a frisky wink: “Talk, I can talk interesting like I sing / sing about things that I think.” Check it out below.

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