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Ten Songs That Made Superchunk Hate Music

on August 16, 2013, 12:34am
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Superchunk - I Hate Music Mosaic

Dear Superchunk,

We were totally stoked when your new album arrived at our offices the other day. Visions of listening parties, water cooler reviews, and staff sing-alongs danced in our heads. Then we saw your record’s title: I Hate Music. (Summoning our most exasperated Marty McFly voice: “Perfect…”)

So, what happened? How did it all come to this? You, a band, one of our favorites, hating music. Some might try to sweep trouble under the rug with rationales like, “It’s just a record title.” But we know better: A title like I Hate Music is a cry for help. And that’s what we’re here to do.

Some of us were online college psychology minors, so we know that in order to confront a problem, you have to discover the root cause. So, we’re going to start at the beginning and follow your rise from Chapel Hill slackers (Superchunk) to indie rock royalty (Majesty Shredding), examining 10 songs that led you down the path to becoming music-hating musicians.

Now, once we cure you guys, we’re not asking you to change your new album’s title to I Love Music or anything… unless you want to. Why not I Don’t Hate Music? Or, what about I Don’t Not Love Music? Double negatives are pretty DIY, right? But, seriously, you guys kinda owe us. I mean, had we known you were gonna flake on us after 24 years and nine killer albums, well, we just wouldn’t have wasted our time… or got those tattoos that spell out Superchunk when we align certain parts of our bodies.

So, read on and heal. And, if by some chance we’re reading too much into your new record’s title—available next Tuesday wherever fine music is sold—then just consider this a harmless stroll down Tobacco Road.


Matt Melis
(and your friends at Consequence of Sound)

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