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Top 10 Moments of FYF Fest 2013

on August 26, 2013, 12:15am
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The terrifying mosh pit at Thee Oh Sees


Neither dust storms nor fists deterred a crowd of loyal noise enthusiasts from bringing FYF down to its knees at Thee Oh Sees’ raucous set on Saturday night. The Bay Area natives, well-known for their meaty surf-punk bass riffs, drew one of the most terrific and terrifying audiences at FYF, spurred by the onslaught of singles like the rollocking “Dead Energy”. Led by ringleader John Dwyer’s yelps and whoops, there wasn’t a single person standing still in the audience, even the fashionable attendees could be seen unconsciously busting a move. For almost an hour, our vision was impaired by strangers’ limbs flailing in every direction and crowdsurfers grazing heads. –Paula Mejia

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